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Biomedical Engineering

Department of  Bio-Medical Engineering (EB)

 The Biomedical Engineering is a fascinating, and an inherently multidisciplinary field involving an application of engineering techniques to assist doctors and physicians in medicine and healthcare, and also in rehabilitating the disabled. Application-examples include biomedical instrumentation (e.g., ECG monitor, Ventilator, hearing aid, pacemaker, etc.), signal processing (e.g., recording and analyzing signals such as ECG, EEG, sympathetic nerve activity, etc. towards extracting information useful for diagnostic purposes), medical imaging (e.g., radiography, mammography, Computed Assisted Tomography (CAT), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasonic imaging, molecular imaging, etc.), medical image enhancement and processing towards information extraction (e.g., processing of foot-images for gait-analysis, images of the retina for detecting and assessing visual abnormalities due to diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, estimating the number of mycobacteria in images of sputum-smear towards assessing the degree of infection in tuberculosis, analyzing CT and MRI images, etc.), telemedicine (communication of medical data to and from remote places), and the development of software for healthcare-system-management.  

The Biomedical Engineering Technology takes beyond the basics of electronics into the world of advanced technical systems associated with medical care. One of the most vibrant sector, Biomedical Engg. depends highly on research to develop products in medical diagnostics and treatment equipments.

The core health care science and research in medical sciences will have ever-increasing interface with technology areas.  Electronic medical equipment is becoming increasingly complicated and computerized.     The challenges     created by the diversity and complexity of medical device systems require creative, knowledgeable and imaginative people working in teams to monitor, restore and enhance normal body function.

The curriculum of T.K.M Institute of Technology, offers Perfect blend of Electronic Engineering with Life Science.     Biomedical Technologist are one of the most sort after experts in new generation treatment procedures and have great potential in medical equipment research institutes,    manufacturing     units, new generation hospitals & allied section.

Industrial training

Students are encouraged to undergo industrial training during the course of their study. Eminent resource persons from Industrial Units and institutions of higher learning are periodically invited to the Department for special lecturers on topics of current interest. The department also has an active clinical/industry partnership program that builds rapport with industry sources and focuses on maintaining contact with them. These contacts ensure students have no trouble when they seek practical exposure.


According to the recent survey in IEEE’s Spectrum Magazine, “Biomedical Engineering is one of the best areas to work in”. Biomedical engineers are expected to have employment growth that is much faster than the average for all other occupations. “The aging of people and the focus on health issues will drive demand for better medical devices and equipments designed by biomedical engineers”. Students can look forward to many exciting careers in the manufacturing units of medical equipment companies, medical R&D institutions, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

Hospital Visit

According to the regulations of the University, the 3rd year students have to undergo a one week in plant training in a hospital to familiarize the hospital management and biomedical environment.

Staff Details

Sl.No: Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1. Dr. Unni C Professor & H.O.D Ph.D Semi Conductor Nano materials
2. Dr. Hariharan S Professor Ph.D Biomedical Engineering
3. Ms. Vidya.G.Kaimal Assoc.Prof M.Tech Digital Communication
4. Ms. Darsana G.Nair Asst.Prof M.E Medical Electronics
5. Mr. Jayakrishnan Asst.Prof M.Tech Biomedical Instrumentation
6. Ms. Harsha R Asst.Prof M.E Medical Electronics
7. Ms. Keerthi Krishna Asst.Prof M.Tech Bio Medical Engineering
8. Ms. Rini Rajan Asst.Prof M.Tech Bio Medical Engineering

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