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Food Technology

Department of Food Technology (FT)

In this past growing era, processed food is of much importance as it help the new generation to tackle their life situations. But this has resulted in drastic health problems.Technical expertise in this sector can bring practical situations that initiates possibilities in processing, packaging and storing of food without deteriorating its quality.

An enduring prospects for future generations.Mission to mould technical expertise in food processing sector.

In the B.Tech Food Technology degree at TKM Institute of Technology, you will be taught the fundamentals and application of food science, food engineering and food business in the selection, preservation, packaging, distribution and use of safe, nutritious and wholesome food.

The degree aims to produce highly employable graduates capable of translating theoretical knowledge into applied solutions for today’s global food industry.TKM College’s Food Technology graduates possess a strong science and engineering background, practical ‘hands on’ skills, good comunication skills, keen business and consumer awareness; adopt ethical practices and experience workplace exposure.

This comprehensive degree programme trains you to become professionals in the food industry who are highly proficient in:

  • Product research and development of food
  • Food formulation and assessment
  • Manufacturing and processing of food
  • Quality management and food safety
  • Process design and control

As testimony to the quality of the programme, graduates of the TKM Food Technology degree are highly sought after for technical and management positions in food industries in the global village.

What are the Career Prospects?

The career prospects for this qualification are varied.The job titles that our graduates hold include the following:

  • Food Technologist
  • Technical Specialist / Manager
  • Process / Production Manager
  • QA officer / Manager
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Product Development Technologist
  • Food Scientist
  • Food Process Design Engineer

Academic Staff & Support Facilities

The Degree programme will be conducted at TKM campus.The majority of the Degree programme will be taught by academically well qualified permanent staff members.  

 The course conducted at the TKM campus is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory.   Students will have access to online databases and other online electronic learning resources from the campus and at the well equipped library facilities.

Department Laboratories

  • Organic & Physical Chemistry Lab
  • Micro Biology Lab
  • Biochemistry Lab
  • Unit Operations Lab

Staff Details

Sl.No: Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Ms. Reshmi.R.S Assoc.Prof & H.O.D MSc,NET, (Ph.D) Food Science and Nutrition
2 Dr.Sony I.S Assoc.Prof Ph.D, MSc Microbiology
3 Ms. Indu Bala Asst.Prof MSc (Ph.D) Food Science and Technology
4 Mr. Abhishek. S Asst.Prof M-Tech Food Process Engineering
5 Ms. Rinku Vithayathil Asst.Prof M. Tech Food Technology
6 Ms. Shijarath T. R. Asst.Prof M.Tech Process Control
7 Ms.Ann Mathew Pampackal Asst.Prof M.Tech Food Process Engineering
8 Ms.Alphonsa James Asst.Prof M.Tech Food Technology
9 Ms.Laya Liz Kuriakose Asst.Prof M.Tech Food Processing And Engineering

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