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Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CS)  

Qualified and competent faculty and skilled supporting staffs are the strength of the department. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2002 with an undergraduate program and one Post Graduate Programme in Computer and Information Science.

The department has been continuously extending its developmental activities to offer high standards of quality in teaching. The Computer Association, known as ACE (Association of Cyber Experts.), of the department provides a high level of interaction between students and faculties. The Association is releasing a fortnightly   magazine ‘Smart Talk’ which concentrates on the latest development in the computer world. The association conducts various seminars, workshops, paper presentations and guest talks.The Computer Science and Engineering is a study of the theoretical foundations of   Information, Computation and of Practical techniques for their implementation and application in Computer Systems. Now a days this concept is applicable in the areas like Automobile, Banking, Defense, Healthcare and Telecommunication etc. This will lead to lot of scopes and challenges for Computer Engineers.The Department is functioning in a separate building and it is self sustained with the state of the art computer laboratories, softwares and volumes of books. Apart from giving through technical knowledge using the state of art technology, the students are taught communication skills and are given experience in working in groups on live projects. It has well-equipped laboratories with modern computing facilities. There are more than 400 computer systems available in our different laboratories, installed with different types of Operating Systems like Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Department Laboratories

  • Computer Programming Lab                    
  • CASE Tools Lab (PG)                      
  • Network Operating system Lab         
  • Multimedia Lab

Staff Details

Sl.No: Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Dr. P Mohamed Shameem DEAN Ph.D, M.E, MBA,  Cloud Computing, Network Security
2 Ms.Leena Shaji Assoc.Prof & HOD M.E Computer Science and Eng
3 Ms. Jomy George Asst.Prof M-Tech Computer and Information Technology
4 Ms. Ansia S Asst. Prof. M.E Digital Image Processing
5 Mr. Rupesh Ravi MR Asst.Prof M.E Network Technologies
6 Mr. Vimal Sankar Asst.Prof M. E Computer Science and Eng
7 Ms. Shemimol B Asst.Prof M.E Computer Science and Eng
8 Ms. Revathy N Asst. Prof M.E Computer Science and Eng
9 Ms. Soorya P Asst. Prof M.Tech Computer and Information Science
10 Ms. Anisha SS Asst. Prof M.E Computer Science and Eng
11 Ms. Parvathy R Asst.Prof M.E Computer Science and Eng
12 Ms. Neetha Alex Asst.Prof M-Tech Software Engineering
13 Ms. Mruthula N R Asst.Prof M.E Computer Science and Eng
14 Ms. Asha George Asst. Prof M.E Computer Science and Eng
15 Ms. Chinnu Ravi Asst.Prof M-Tech Software Engineering

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