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Supporting Departments

Department of Humanities and Science    

Sl.No: Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Dr. M. Girijakumaran Professor&H.O.D MSc, MPhil, Ph.D Chemistry
2 T.M. Hassan Professor MSC, MPhil Chemistry
3 Dr. Abdul Salim Professor MSc, Med, Mphil Physics
4 Mrs. Deepthi Sudhakaran Asst.Prof MA English
5 Mrs. Rashmi.B.P Asst. Prof MSc,Med Chemistry
6 Mr. George Alex Asst. Prof. MA. English
7 Ms. Sajina Asst.Prof MSc Physics
8 Ms. Miji Philip Asst. Professor & H.O.D M.Sc., MPhil Pure Mathematics
9 Ms. Reshmi L.B Asst. Professor,MPhil, B.Ed  Pure Mathematics
10 Ms. Binu .R.V Asst. Prof M.Sc. , M.Ed   Pure Mathematics
11 Ms. Asha Raj.S Asst. Prof, M.Ed  Pure Mathematics
12 Ms. Viji Asst. Prof, M.Ed  Pure Mathematics
13 Ms. Asha B.S Asst. Prof, M.Ed  Pure Mathematics
14 Ms. Laila S Asst. Prof MA, B.Ed Ecnoimics
15 Mr. Varun G.S Asst. Prof MPED Physical Director

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